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We keep things pretty simple in order to give you the best meats you could ever taste. Our meats rotate on a daily basis (except for our brisket . . . try it and you’ll see why it’s a daily staple). Make sure to check out our Facebook page for our daily meat selection. You won’t need no stink’n sauce to give our meats flavor. Come try what real Texans call Bar-B-Que.



Best beef on the planet. Smoked to perfection for 14 hours with oak adding a unique flavor previously only available in Bandera. Weighing in at half a pound, it’s a meal fit for a king.

Pulled Pork

Only the best pork gets the honor to be on our menu. After smoking for hours, it’s shredded and left to breathe. Once it reaches your plate you’ll instantly know why it’s the best half pound of pork around.


You’ve never tasted better chicken. Our chickens are so tender they literally fall off the bone in anticipation of being on your plate. While a quarter chicken is quite a meal, we wouldn’t blame you if you came back for seconds.


“Fall off the bone” has never been more appropriate than for these ribs. Smoked for hours, these pork ribs will bring a smile to your face for weeks to come.


All-beef sausage that packs a nice punch without being overly spicy. Get half a link, roughly a foot long, and savor it all day long.



Finely-shredded cabbage, crispy carrots, and a light layer of mayonnaise; you’ve never tasted a better symphony of flavors.

Baked Beans

Our best pinto beans are coupled with savory chunks of bacon and a proprietary blend of spices, simmered to perfection, and served pipping hot.

Creamed Corn

Local-grown corn kernels, slow cooked to perfection…add in a little cream and you have an amazing side that will want you coming back for more.

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Best brisket! Family recipe that I had 17 years ago at their father’s house in Bandera, TX and this tastes the exact same (he even looks just like his dad). Amazing long smoked flavor! Better than anywhere else you will find in Utah!

Bob J.

August 6, 2016

These guys are amazing and everything on the menu is delicious. Definitely recommend the spicy sausage and brisket to everyone.

Gabe F.

March 16, 2017

So yummy! Might be the best brisket and bbq sauce I’ve ever had. I am so impressed. The potato salad as excellent too.

Amy J.

October 28, 2017

You can see that the people of Bandera Brisket love what they are doing because it shows in the quality of their food. I have never been disappointed in anything I’ve got from them. I’ve put their brisket and pulled pork on nachos and it was awesome. Such good food.

Bryan W.

October 16, 2017

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